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Aabidah    عابدہ
Aabirah    عابرہ
Presser by, fragrant.
Aafrin    آفرین
(Persian), Appreciation.
Aaisha    عائشه
Beloved wife of the prophet of Allah. Meaning,Well living woman.
Aakifah    عاکفه
A lady who worships Allah in solitude.
Aaliah    عالیه
Sublime , high woman.
Aalimah    عالمه
Woman scholar
Aamilah    عامله
A woman, doing good deeds.
Aamina    آمنه       (Aabid )
Secured ,safe woman, the mother of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)
Aamirah    عامرہ       (Aalam )
A woman inhabitig in a place.
Aanisah    آنسه
Young lady, virgin, unmarried or chaste woman, intact, maiden, friendly.
Aaqilah    عاقله       (Aamir )
Intelligent woman.
Aarifah    عارفه       (Aaqil )
Knowing, skilled, recognizing Allah
Aarzoo    آرزو       (Aaqil )
(Urdu word) desire, wish.
Aasimah    عاصمه       (Aashir )
A woman who saves others.
Aasiyah    آسیه       (Aashir )
Pharaoh’s wife who embraced lslam
Aatikah    عاتکه       (Aasif )
Name of one of the companions of the Holy prophet of Allah(Peace be upon him).
Aatiqah    عاتقه       (Aasim )
Emancipated, a beautiful lady, of honourable family back ground.
Aatirah    عاطرہ       (Aatif )
Of good fragrance, a connoisseur of fragrance.
Abqurah    عبقرہ
Name of a Sahabiyah.

1-20 of 51


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