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It means "with the help of crutches"

Dear friends does any body know the english for Tutla kar bolna?

Inartiuculate...means not speaking clearly

tutla ke bolna means to lisp.

While stutter means to stammer or hakla ke bolna.

The simple english translation for "Tutla ker bolna " is :
to stutter while speaking

ساراسری is a word of urdu that people from UP speak for the subtitute of chutiya that bride wears , it is special with fancy ornamets and generally it is silver

what does duh mean in urdu?

it is a seed used in pakistani cooking, fail to find it in UK. plz help.

I believe "rai ka dana" would refer to mustard seeds...... "Methi dana" would be fenugreek seeds.

it means onion seed. It does NOT mean "mustard seed". Actually, mustard seed is Methi dana.