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1211    fa
چوتھا سر۔ ما۔ مدھم
1212    fabaceous (adjective)
تپتی سا۔ پتے نما
1213    fabian (adjective)
دھیما۔ سست۔ دیر کرنے والا
1214    fable (Noun)
    1. a fictitious narration
جھوٹی کہانی۔ قصہ۔ داستان۔ افسانہ۔ حکایت۔ نقل۔ پنواڑا۔ کتھا۔ اساطیر
    2. the plot
باندھنو۔ سازش۔ بناوٹ۔ بندش۔ گٹھوت
    3. fiction
جھوٹ۔ جعل۔ بناوٹ۔ دروغ
1215    fable (verb active)
گھڑنا۔ بنانا۔ جھوٹ کہنا
1216    fabler, fabulist (Noun)
کہانی کہنے والا۔ قصہ گو۔ داستان گو۔ جھوٹی بات بنانے والا۔ پنواڑیا۔ افسانہ نویس
1217    fabric (Noun)
    1. make
بناؤ۔ ڈیل ڈول۔ ساخت۔ شکل۔ صورت۔ تراش
    2. that which is fabricated
گھر۔ حویلی۔ مکان۔ عمارت
    3. manufactured cloth
پارچہ۔ کپڑا۔ لتا
1218    fabricate (verb active)
    1. construct
بنانا۔ اٹھانا۔ ڈول ڈالنا۔ تعمیر کرنا
    2. manufacture
کام کرنا۔ بنانا۔ پیدا کرنا۔ تیار کرنا
    3. forge
جوڑنا۔ گھڑنا۔ گانٹھنا۔ بنانا۔ جعل کرنا۔ جعلی کاغذ بنانا۔ جھوٹ بنانا
1219    fabricated (adjective)
مصنوعی۔ جعلی۔ قلبی۔ بناوٹی
1220    fabrication (Noun)
    1. construction
بندش۔ بناوٹ۔ ساخت۔ تعمیر۔ ڈھنگ۔ ڈول
    2. invention
بناوٹ۔ گھڑت۔ پاکھنڈ۔ جھوٹ۔ جعل۔ جعل سازی



If you have a School Atlas at hand could you please check for me what's the Urdu equivalent of "Iran Plateau"?

"Sandy Desert" (in Baluchistan)?

"Gasherbrum Peak" (in Karakorum Mountains)?

I have already found "wetland" (aabgaah). But - how to translate "wildlife sanctuary"? Would it possibly be: janglii hayaat panaah gaah? Could you please check in some English-Urdu dictionary?


Artur K.

Hello, Arthur,
I did have a look in various dictionaries, including this website of Urdu Mahir, but could not find any a direct reference to Wildlife; although they give, not surprisingly, the meaning of Wild. Your own suggestion seems to be on the right lines, except that the word Jungli does not seem to fully convey the connotation of Wildelife. I would suggest that Wildlife can perhaps be translated as Mukhlooq-i-ByabaN (Creatures of the Wilderness).
Your own suggestion for Sanctuary as " Pannah Gah" certainly conveys part of the connotation of Sanctuary, but Pannah is somewhat limited, as its prominent meaning is " Refuge"; whereas Sanctuary is more than a Refuge. Similarly Gaah seems to be more specific. A Persian Dictionary gives an example of this word as Shikar-Gaah, a place for hunting. I would hence suggest that Sanctuary can best be translated in Urdu as Jaa-i-AmaaN.
So Wildelife Sanctuary : Jaa-i-AmaaN braai Mukhluq-i-BiyanbaaN.It sounds very poetic.

yeah it means PanaGahe Jangli Hayat پناہ گاہ جنگلی حيات

and im working on this LearnUrdu Blog

required CD and english to urdu translater
tariq ST # 67, House # 17, Baghbanpura Lahore 54920.


your dictionary is not big you may big and full words traslation arranged i.e. He goes to school. etc THANKS

mujhy eglish nahi aatii seknahai

what is the meaning of word pale??

english nahi aati mujahay seekni hay

i cant speak in english, thats my matter, what i do? seems to be not working with Internet Explorer 5. Can you check it out?