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Abu Saeed    ابو سعید
A well-known Sahabi, his full name was Abu sa‘eed Khudri.
Abu Taalib    ابو طالب
The uncle of the Holy prophet peace he upon him, and the father of Hazrat Ali (R.H).
Abu Talha    ابو طلحہٰ
A great Sahabi who particepated in the battle of Badr.
Abu Turaab    ابو تُراب
One of the names of Hazrat Ali.
Abu Ubaidah    ابو عبیدہ
A great Sahabi of the prophet (peace be upon him) One of the ten companions whom the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) has declared as the people of Jannah.
Abu Yousuf    ابو یوسف
Name of a great jurist and pupil of Imaam Abu Hanifah (RA).
Abul Haitham    ابوالہیشم
(Abul haitham) A Sahabi, also a great scholar of history.
Abul Kalaam    ابوالکلام
A great scholar, wellknown politician.
Abul Yusr    ابوالیُسر
A great Sahabi who patticepated in the baltle of Badr.
Ada    ادا
(Urdu word) To perform, grace, elegance, charm.
Adeeb    ادیب
Literary person.
Adeel    عدیل
Equal, Like.
Adhraa    عزراء
(Azraa’) Yourig lady, virgin, unmarried or chasre woman, intact, maiden.
Adi    عدی
A Sahabi of the prophet of Allah, and son of Haatim Taai, a Person famous for his in generosity full name was Adiyy ibn Haatim.
Adl    عدل
Adnaan    عدنان
Name of a leader of the tribe of Quraish. The Holy prophet (peace be upon him) was from this tribe.
Afdaal    افضال
(Afzaal)Plu, of Fazl, superiority.
Afeef    عفیف
Pure, chaste, virtuous, modest, holy in life, of spotless character.
Afeefah    عفیفه
Pure, chaste, virtuous, modest, holy in life, of spotlrss character
Afeerah    عفیرہ
Covered with dust of a dusty colour name of A Snhabiyah who participated in the war of Yarmook.

61-80 of 171


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