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Jummal    جمل
A thick rope, a rope with which a boat is tied to the shore.
Junaid    جنید
Small section of an army, Name of a Sahabi, Name of a great Tabi’i and great saint known as Junaid Baghdadi.
Jundub    جندب
Name of a Sahabi.
Juthaamah    جثامه
(Jusamah) Name of a Sahabi, and also Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).
Juwariah    جویریه
A small girl, Name of an Ummulmoomineen, the wife of the Holy Prophet ( peace be upon him).

41-45 of 45


mariya... name for girl which european also have. its arabic word with meanings of white color girl and ,wish , desire

assalamu alaikkum..can any body plz tell me what is the meaning for the name jibarn plz tell me 03452173041


The meaning of Jibran is result, value, ransom; There was a famous philosopher,writer of Lebanon named Kahlil Jibran.

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May Allah's blessings be with you.

can someone show me the meaning name of shafiya

Razia I want to know how to read that. Arabic writing how

any body know the meaning of RIZMIYA? PLS LET ME KNOW


I want the meaning of name "HANISH" could anyone please tell me the meaning of hanish

assalamu alaikkum..can any body plz tell me what is the meaning for the names Ayaash and Amen? and anything about their origin? Ayaash or Hayaash the name will be spelled? plz help


Does anyone know the meaning of "Qamarriyah"?



Dear Friends ,
Please be invited latest meaningful names for my babies( both sex )
Thank you for corporation.