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thanks a lot


can anyone tel me if Aaryan is a muslim name

Salamaleykum, Shaik is here friends I want to find a English to English into Urdu Dictionary to downloafd with my computer with a meaningful words. which site Should I?

shaikh sahab just clicl here

Bhai Sahab I went to this Site but I can't found any Urdu Dictionary. But I is a Good site too. so Please give if u have any website (english to english into urdu dictionary) please pass me.
Thank u,
Your Regards

Hi, Shaik, pls. visit once again www.cleantouch, then go to software - free utilities then press "educational" here you will find link to download the dictionary. You can also visit this site

I want to know the meaning of the name and the exact spelling of the

name i wrote 'MEHVISH'IS THIS THE exact name

Plaes e do the need ful

Assalam o Alaikum, Mehvish : Female : Bright Star

Hi i need help with neam.The name is As Sudays and what das it mean pls if thay is any1 who know pls tell me.thanx

Assalamu Alaikum,
I want to know the meaning of my name Mohamed Thalhath.Plz can anyone help